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Samedi, 27 Octobre 2012 14:47

Annoncée chez Dragon, une nouveauté qui devrait plaire au plus grand nombre : un set de figurines intitulé French Infantry Sedan 1940 (numéro 6738) . Il s'agit d'un ensemble de 4 figurines in action, dotées de capotes et du casque Adrian. Pour ce qui est de l'armement, elles sont équipées d'un FM 24/29et d'un MAS 36. Un officier fume la pipe. A suivre, dès que disponible.


Ce qu'en dit le fabricant :

"On 10 May 1940, Germany launched its long-awaited attack in Western Europe, driving through Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. However, this was a diversion, for Army Group A - and its 1,753 tanks - was ready to slice through the lightly defended Ardennes. XIX. Panzerkorps, under the command of Heinz Guderian, emerged at Sedan on the Meuse River, and the capture of this city would allow German forces to advance deep into the undefended interior of France and to encircle British forces in Belgium. The Battle of Sedan took place from 12-15 May. The city was quickly taken, and demoralized French forces on the west bank of the Meuse were unable to mount a coherent defense or to launch successful counterattacks. The Battle of Sedan was thus instrumental in the total defeat of France shortly thereafter.

Dragon is releasing a 1/35 scale figure set depicting this battle. The four soldiers are French infantrymen, making this Dragon's first WWII French infantry subject! The set depicts four Frenchmen defending their positions on the outskirts of Sedan. They wear typical uniforms of the day, and carry suitable weapons such as the Fusil mitrailleur modele 1924 M29 (FM 24/29) light machine gun, plus MAS Modele 36 rifles. One of the officers is even smoking a pipe, giving this figure a nice touch of character. The poses are well designed, and their molding is sharp and realistic. This first-ever French figure set will undoubtedly inspire modelers' imaginations and open up a plethora of WWII diorama opportunities."


French Infantry Sedan 1940

Fabricant : Dragon Models Limited

Référence : 6738

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